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What Business Owners Need To Know To Get Top Dollar When They Sell!

Your business is your baby! Selling your business to a third party or transitioning your business to insiders requires careful planning. More importantly, it requires taking the actions necessary to increase the value of your business…before you begin talking with buyers. Did you know that 85% of sellers do not get the amount of money they need, want and deserve when they sell their business? That’s a tragic statistic that our team of experts is determined to help you conquer! 

To avoid being one of those tragic statistics and learning how you can sell your business for top dollar, you must begin by asking yourself 7 important questions... 

Build a Bridge to Somewhere!

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​​​​​Know the Value of the Business!

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Helping Business Owners See Value from the Perspective of Buyers! 

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Kingsbridge Capital Partners, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, is a lower middle market investment banking firm serving owners and buyers of privately-held companies.

The services of Kingsbridge include sell side advisory, buy side advisory, exit planning, value enhancement consulting, business valuations and machinery and equipment appraisals.

All of our services are confidential, comprehensive and collaborative. Our advisors are chosen for their depth of experience, education, and extraordinary ethics