Procrastination takes many forms, in business, as in all of life. One of the most deadly forms of procrastination is putting off asking…and candidly answering…the important questions you need to ask and answer, before you can sell your business for top dollar. It turns out to be very expensive when you put off asking and answering 7 important questions....

  1. Assuming your business is salable, do you know when you want to leave your business and how much you need to net from the proceeds (after taxes and advisors fees) from the sale of your business?
  2. Has a third party valuation expert valued your company, so that you know the REALISTIC value of your business to potential buyers?
  3. Are you willing to sell for the amount potential buyers are willing to pay or will you allow the deal to die after receiving fair offers?
  4. Have you received expert advice on how to minimize the taxes you’ll have to pay?
  5. If there is a gap between valuation and/or salability, and the amount you need, do you know which value drivers will increase the value of your business?
  6. Do you know the top 7 value drivers that will increase the price buyers are willing to pay and how to implement the changes required?
  7. Are you partnering with advisors who have a depth of experience and knowledge in guiding business owners through the complicated process of transitioning ownership…or are you trying to go it alone?

The advisors at Kingsbridge believe that each business owner must clearly understand every step of the complicated process of transitioning ownership.

Unlike many advisors in our business, we have a firm philosophy at Kingsbridge…we will not take a company to market, unless there is a high degree of confidence that the business owner will meet all of his or her goals, and the deal will not get tripped up in due diligence.

Our team always begins with a thorough analysis of the business from the perspective of a buyer, uncovering the gaps that lower valuation and salability. The results of this analysis allows the business owner to make an informed decision whether or not to move forward or hold back in order to make necessary changes to the business that would increase valuation and maximize transaction proceeds. 

NOW is the time to wake up and get you head out of the sand!

Partner with expert advisors to get these 7 important questions answered. These answers will allow you to put an action plan in place, so you won’t become a victim and so you can take care of your family and your employees. To get started on the path to selling your business for top dollar, call us at 816-522-0929 or complete the confidential form below. 


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