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The transition of ownership of your business may very well be the most important transaction of your life! The advisors at Kingsbridge Capital Partners are passionate about helping business owners maximize value and minimize taxes when selling a business. With that said, our advisors are extremely frustrated, because 85% of business owners skip this extremely essential part of transitioning ownership. It's tragic!

Maximizing value before leaving your business is much like preparing for and winning a NASCAR race. Our goal for you, the driver, is to experience the wave of the checkered flag! All NASCAR race plans include careful preparation of the car, driver skill and experience, crew skills and a well-conceived and well-executed race strategy.

Business owners win their ultimate race when they leave their company on their own terms and schedule. Early planning is critical, if you want to meet all of your goals when you exit your business.  Proper planning and preparation can be a lengthy process. In many cases, that process could take two to ten years to complete.  Contact the Kingsbridge team to learn more about maximizing the value of your business and minimizing your tax liabilities.

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