Kingsbridge Capital Partners, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, is a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm serving business owners of lower middle market privately-held companies who want to get top dollar when they sell to third parties or transition to inside management or family members.

The advisors at Kingsbridge have a firm philosophy that they will not take a company to market, unless there is a high degree of confidence that the business owner will meet all of his or her goals, and the deal will not get tripped up in due diligence.

The services of Kingsbridge include sell side advisory, buy side advisory, exit planning, succession planning, strategic planning, value enhancement consulting, leadership coaching, valuations and machinery and equipment appraisals.

My Management Team Wants to Buy My Company...Should I Sell to Them?

In two words..It depends! Most management teams don't have the funding to acquire a company, however they may be the perfect buyers. From a leadership perspective, a  thorough analysis is required to determine if the managers can lead the company to the next level.  Then there is the financial equation. Most managers simply don't have millions set aside to acquire a company. 

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What Buyers Need To Know Before They Give Away Their "Farm" 

Most of our buyers are sophisticated and know that due diligence is key to any successful acquisition. Sometimes, however, we receive calls from an entrepreneurial buyer who got wrapped up in the emotion of buying a business from a business broker who didn't have their interests in mind. They become victims because they were naïve, or simply cut corners, and didn't conduct the proper due diligence before buying the business. Typically, when we receive the call, they are in trouble and can't make ends meet and the lender is calling the loan. Unfortunately it's too late and they lose  their home, their 401K and more.  Simply said, avoiding due diligence can be a disaster!  Before buying a business, you must hire experts to help you with. If you don't, you'll end up losing everything you worked for... Click here to learn more

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What Business Owners Need To Know To Get Top Dollar When They Sell

Procrastination takes many forms, in business as in all of life. One of the most deadly – and little-noticed – forms of procrastination is putting off asking the important questions you need to ask, before you can sell your business for top dollar. It’s easy not to ask these 7 important questions… but it turns out to be very expensive when you put off asking and answering them. Click here to learn more

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Targeted Searches

Why waste time looking at hundreds of business that aren't a fit for your company or Private Equity Group.  Our targeted search will ....Click here to learn more 

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