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Buyer Beware!

Most of our buyers are sophisticated and know that due diligence

is an essential component to acquiring a business. 

We also partner with high net worth individuals who want to live the

American Dream by owning a company and because this is a new experience for them, they don't know how to conduct due diligence.

Would you gamble your life’s savings to buy a house sight unseen? Of course not! Yet, all too often we have seen individuals buy businesses sight unseen because they wanted to save a few dollars.  

When you engage us you to help you find a business to acquire, you will be required to hire the right advisors to conduct due diligence on the business.

No ifs, ands or buts!

Here's why...

You wouldn't believe how many calls our advisors have received over the years from buyers who are desperate to get out of the business because they have become a victim to an unscrupulous business  owner and none of the advisors insisted on an independent review of the business! 

Here's the typical scenario we see and hear...

The buyer bought a business using their life savings and/or their retirement savings. Within the first six to nine months, the business is not generating the revenues or the profitability that the business owner said it was generating. The buyer then realizes what a big mistake it was not to spend a few thousand dollars on conducting basic due diligence on the business. Some have lost their life savings and their house.  Some have had to tell their children "There's no money for your college education."

 NEVER go it alone! 

Hire people who have your best interests at heart

to help you conduct proper due diligence!