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Are you a Business Owner or Private Equity 

Looking to Grow through Acquisitions?

Kingsbridge Capital Partners has a proven acquisition strategy that matches your specific business acquisition criteria with prospective business sellers that are not yet on the market.  We will help you find a business, division or product line that fits your needs and aligns with your growth strategies.      

Are you a High-net Worth Individual
with a Life-long Dream of Owning a Business?

Kingsbridge Capital Partners is here to help in your pursuit of the lifestyle and career you envision by representing you, the Buyer.  As long as we are not the Exclusive Seller Representative in a transaction, we can represent your interests and be your Buyer Representative. Representing you as a Buyer, allows us to promote your interests only.  We can help you find a business, value the business, and negotiate the terms that are best for you.  Our goal is for you to acquire a business that is successful, so that you can live the American Dream!